Halsey Automotive – About Us

Volkswagen & Audi Automotive Repair

Halsey Automotive Service was established in 1963 by an original german mechanic who still pays us a visit every now and again. As of 2011 Tom Caldwell, who got his start as a mechanic 25 years ago, took over ownership of the service department, changing the name to Halsey Automotive Repair Inc.

We have a wide range of skilled mechanics that have been working on Volkswagens and Audis since they were young. With how long we've been in business we are seeing third generation customers coming through, as well as plenty of new first time customers. We are also always accepting new customers to show our great customer service to. So please, if you would like to give Halsey Automotive Repair a try just give us a call and speak to Tom personally to see how we build great customer friendships.