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Audi & Volkswagen owners love Halsey Auto Repair because we take care of their vehicles as well or even better than they do themselves!  New or old Audi or Volkswagen cars, vans or SUVs – we have you covered!  We are actually highly specialized in early-model air cooled Volkswagens and can restore them to better than new condition with improved design components that will last longer than the OEM equipment.  Another common issue we are used to handling is getting your Vanagon passing DEQ.

We have never shied away from new model auto technology either, and our multi-bay auto repair facility is second to none for your brand new Volkswagens and Audis.  With state of the art diagnostics and repair facilities and our sister parts company immediately next door, we are ready for any troubles and deliver perfect repairs in perfect time.


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As a family owned business that has been in operation since 1963, we are the team you can trust.  Tom started as a mechanic more than 25 years ago, became the manager and is now owner.  With history like that, you can see why we are trusted by Volkswagen and Audi owners for all of their Portland auto repairs.